Build your Leadership identity

What does the word “identity” mean to you?

Identity is about positive traits; it also can be negative traits. It’s a combination of things that you do; it’s your talents, it’s your strengths, it’s your passions, it’s what you love, it’s what you care about. What we try to do is teach people how to develop a positive identity of themselves so they can self-actualize their potential as a human being.

How did you go about discovering your own identity?

Well, it took a long time to really align all of the things you wanted to do. You know, education is important because education teaches you the “how”. So often times, you think you can do this, you think you can do that, but you really don’t know how. You have to really be clear on what it is that you do well and that’s when people talk about their passions, talk about what they love, and what they care—that gives it some clarity about what you should be working on. And you start looking within yourself to find your natural abilities.

Identity is on the inside as opposed to the outside. Most people define you by the outside based on your color, based on your religion, and based on your environment, all of the external things that make you think that’s who you are. If you don’t have the internal piece; if you don’t have the understanding of how to develop an internal core development program, then it’s very difficult to self-actualize who you are because you haven’t even started. You have no foundation for growth and development.

We are proposing a 90/120 minutes workshop to work in your identity. We believe that it is a good CELU 2015 kick-off session, and we want to share it with you from the beginning. To keep this session interesting with a valuable output and fun, we will use LEGO Serious Play methodology. A facilitator with more of 5 years in the methodology will guide you in this amazing process of self-discovering.

Location: Main Room Date: September 25, 2015 Time: 19:30 - 21:30