The Canada Executive Leadership Unconference 2015 (aka CELU 2015) will deliver first class thought leadership in an open agenda setup where attendees will be the main actors and receive unique insights into best practices and will hear success stories involving leadership, management, technology, and career development.

Have you attended a conference about leadership recently? Then you probably sat in room after room with scores of other attendees listening to outside experts talk about topics that weren’t quite what you were interested in. You were sure there were some interesting people to talk to, people who had the same questions you did (and maybe even some answers) —but how could you find who they were and meet them among the swirling crowds? Did you come away frustrated, feeling that only a small portion of the time you attended was valuable to you?

If so, you’re not alone.  CELU 2015 is different!!

CELU 2015  is an out of the box conference experience for those accustomed to highly scripted events, calls for papers, pre-determined workshops, keynote speakers, networking receptions, etc. We use the proven “Open Space Technology” design to create a conference that adapts to meet your needs, leverages the combined expertise and experience of all participants, and provides unique opportunities to discover, connect, share, and learn with the peers you want to meet.

Highly interactive sessions will provide many opportunities for attendees to be engaged in both learning and discussion. The goals of CELU 2015 are simple. Create the best possible conference for each individual attendee, maximize participant interaction and connectedness, strengthen our leadership skills, learn and share our experience and knowledge, and explore future initiatives.

CELU 2015 is designed to make it easy for attendees to share what they want to discuss, the problems they need help with, and the answers they have learned from their own experience. The conference provides a supportive environment for a learning and teaching experience that is tailored by and for the individual attendees. Does this sound like the kind of conference you’d like to attend? If so, we’d love to see you at CELU 2015. Register today!

On the first part of CELU 2015, all attendees join a facilitated roundtable discussion. Each participant has the opportunity to briefly introduce themselves, their institution, their experience, and their hopes for the conference. Our roundtable provides an opportunity early in the conference to discover other attendees with similar interests and relevant experience, and helps to determine peer session topics. At CELU 2015, participants generate the peer sessions! Using the roundtable discussion, attendees create a list of peer session topics and conference organizers find attendees qualified to lead popular discussions. This process allows CELU 2015 to meet the expressed needs of participants, and helps attendees to get to know each other through informal discussion. Our peer sessions are widely acclaimed and a perennial conference highlight.

You are leading your organization, you need to take time for you, share what you and others are doing in different situations. So. . . Let’s capitalize our experience and knowledge, and come together to get to know one another, share ideas and woes, and get those creative juices flowing. Take two days for some well-deserved time away from the office. We guarantee this will be time well used in the interest of your mission and you’ll feel great afterwards!

The conference is designed to:

  • Give you an opportunity to meet your peers who may be pondering the same issues, ideas, and worries that you and your organization are currently considering;
  • Offer you structured time to capitalize on others’ expertise, experience, and thoughts; and
  • Give you a place to think about and plan for your organization relative to your conversations and possibly your new partners!

Key Areas of Focus Include (More about Focus & Topics here)

  • Strategy, Process Improvement and Alignment
  • Innovation and Technology
  • Career Management and Leadership Development

Key Topics will include (More about Focus & Topics here)

  • Transformational Leadership
  • Innovation and Growth Strategies
  • Creating and Maintaining Trust and Relationships with CXOs
  • Career Management and Development
  • The Cloud
  • Social Enterprise
  • Mobile Workforce
  • Security
  • Strategic Sourcing
  • Business Analytics

Reasons to Attend

  • Learn What Companies are Doing to Innovate and Transform their Businesses
  • Engage With Top Executives in an Intimate Atmosphere
  • Hear from your peers and Industry Thought Leaders on How to Leverage Technology for Competitive Advantage
  • Expand Your Network of Peers
  • Gain Key Insights to Help Your Career and Your Organization
  • Leave With an Action Plan

Opening new markets, driving real business value and delighting customers in a connected global economy requires the C-Level leader to deliver a combination of continuous improvement and breakthrough innovation. Successful leaders are stepping up with bold, game-changing strategies for growing the business, dominating markets and delivering innovation to a new generation of empowered and demanding customers.

This event is designed exclusively for C-Level leaders who want to further their knowledge around transformation, innovation and change; who want to build a significant network of business relationships with other leaders; and who want to gain the latest insights and best practices for driving increased business value through the use of information technology.

Highly interactive sessions as well as scheduled breaks allow significant time to ask questions and get the best insights. This, together with the entire “unconference” experience, is of great benefit to those looking for key take-aways and action plans to implement immediately.

Admission rules

To ensure a high quality environment and to maximize the networking experience, we limited to 60/80 the number of attendees and all of them must be (the final number will depend on the accomodation option at our venue):

  • Employed C-Level executives or equivalent, CIOs, Direct Reports of CIOs (Directors and Senior Managers), or Senior Professional in an organization with 30 employees or more, or from not-for-profit or government organizations with comparable size, or with 5M or greater revenue,  or start-up owners.

– OR –

  • Full time academicians

* Sales/marketing individuals or consultants from vendor organizations are not permitted. It is not an event to sell anything. The intention of this event is to share experiences/solutions, learn from others, and grow as a leader (See key Areas Focus and Key topics at the beginning)


How does CELU 2015 work?

CELU 2015 format has been defined as:

  • A simple, powerful way to catalyze effective working conversations and truly inviting organizations — to thrive in times of swirling change.
  • A methodological tool that enables self-organizing groups of all sizes to deal with hugely complex issues in a very short period of time.
  • A powerful group process that supports positive transformation in organizations, increases productivity, inspires creative solutions, improves communication and enhances collaboration.
  • The most effective process for organizations and communities to identify critical issues, voice to their passions and concerns, learn from each other, and, when appropriate, take collective responsibility for finding solutions.

What outcomes can I expect from an CELU conference?

CELU sessions can produce the following deliverables:

  • Every single issue that anybody cares about enough to raise will be “on the table”.
  • All issues will receive as much discussion as people care to give them.
  • All discussion will be captured in a book, and made available to the participants.
  • All issues will be prioritized.
  • Related issues will be converted.
  • Responsibility will be taken for next step actions.

For those ones want to learn more about the dynamic and how CELU 2015 works, here you have a video where you could appreciate how those kind of conferences work:


***Note: This is a non-profit event. All money collected goes solely to supporting the event. The, hopefully, few remaining funds after the event will be used to help seed future events for this community. ***